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Simple Chat Step by Step

Here we describe how to build the Simple Chat component already specified. See Simple Chat Specification

1 Retreive the Transcript Component

Here we reuse the TranscriptImpl and TranscriptMaker classes built in the Transcript example

2 Build the Chatter Component

Build the Chatter Component is similar to building the Transcript Component. We just have a client interface in addition.

2.1 Create ChatterImpl

Object subclass: #ChatterImpl
	instanceVariableNames: 'messageToTranscript'
	classVariableNames: ''
	poolDictionaries: ''
	category: 'Tutorial-FracTalk-Chat'

2.2 Define the client interface which sends a message

	| client |
	client := typeFactory 
		createFcItfType: #messageToTranscript
		signature: ((FcSignature newNamed: #sending) 
			addSelector: #show:;
		client: true
		optional: false
		collection: false.

Note: the variable name in ChatterImpl must be the same as the one given in the interface functional type.

3 Build the Simple Chat Composite

3.1 Define the interfaces

The interfaces are defined the same way as previous.

3.2 Define the behavior

4 Use the Simple Chat

4.1 Create the composite

chat := SimpleChatMaker new newComponent.

4.2 Launch all its sub-components

(chat getFcInterface: #'lifecycle-controller') startWithContent.

4.3 Get the server interface and send it a message

(chat getFcInterface: #writeMessage) say: 'Salut'.

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