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MalevaST is the Squeak/Smalltalk implementation of the Maleva component model. Maleva is a hierarchichal component model introduced by Jean-Pierre Briot, Thomas Meurisse et al. Maleva components interact either by exchanging data asynchronously. Concurrency is made explicit since Maleva components has control interfaces which are connected to set up the path for processes flow.


Ready to use Squeak image with Maleva installed

Note: You need to install the Squeak Virtual Machine that is specific to your computer architecture and OS.

Applications using MalevaST

Simulation of a Roomba vacuum cleaner robot

This simulation is based on an early (and incomplete) version of MalevaST.


In this simulation, the Roomba robot is implemented as a reactive agent based on Rodney Brooks achitecture. This architecture is described in Brooks paper : "A Robust Layered Control System For A Mobile Robot" - IEEE Journal of Robotics and Automation, 1986


Project Participants (in alphabetical order)