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Pictures and Links About UbiquiTalk

ESUG - Prague, Czech Republic, Sept 2006

At Prague, UbiquiTalk has been presented twice

Smalltalk Party - Paris, France, December 2005

Demo made by MichaŽl Piel and Noury Bouraqadi showing Nebraska running on top of an early version of UbiquiTalk (named UbiTalk at that time) at the Smalltalk Party 2005 organised by the French Smalltalk Users Group (FSUG).

Uploaded Image: UbiquiTalk-SmalltalkParty-Paris2005-1.jpgUploaded Image: UbiquiTalk-SmalltalkParty-Paris2005-3.jpg
Uploaded Image: UbiquiTalk-SmalltalkParty-Paris2005-2.jpgUploaded Image: UbiquiTalk-SmalltalkParty-Paris2005-4.jpg
Uploaded Image: UbiquiTalk-SmalltalkParty-Paris2005-6.jpgUploaded Image: UbiquiTalk-SmalltalkParty-Paris2005-5.jpg