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Pictures and Videos

First Experiments

Driving a WifiBot

First experiment driving WifiBot using Squeak Smalltalk. This experiment relied on an early version of the WifiBotST framework.

Our four Wifibots bought in 2007


Three robots exploring an arena

70 robots with infra-red sensors showed (red rectangles)

WifiBot Leader-Followers Simulation (Download code)

A leader robot (with infra-red sensors range displayed) has to go to four location (blue dots) while avoiding obstacles and collisions with other robots. Two followers have to keep close to the leader. Because, there is no cooperation, the leader gets sometimes blocked by the two followers and has to find another path to its target.

Hardware evolution

July 2008: A Giraffe-WifiBot

September 2008: A Beatle-WifiBot

November 2008: A Beatle-WifiBot clean version with tool slot holding a fork

Uploaded Image: wifiBotWithForkTool2008.jpg
Uploaded Image: wifiBotWithForkTool2008Zoom.jpg

Localisation tests (April 2009)

Uploaded Image: localisation1.jpg
Uploaded Image: localisation2.jpg
Uploaded Image: localisation3.jpg

Exploration and Box Pushing Scenario (June 2009)

Uploaded Image: explorationBoxPushing1.jpg
Uploaded Image: explorationBoxPushing2.jpg
Uploaded Image: explorationBoxPushing3.jpg

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