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Rooms for talks and workshops (including Camp Smalltalk)

During the whole week of the summer school the Ecole des Mines provides :

Extra equipments

The school owns a video conference room (for 50 people) that is used for distant learning. It is possible to use this room for video conferences with distant speakers.

During ESUG, the communication service of the Ecole des Mine will be requested to film and photograph participants. This service has professional digital equipements that allows to produce contents for the web.

The school has a innovative system of electronic badges (build around contactless smart card) that is exploited for buildings access and meals delivery at the restaurant. We plan to use this system and give a personnalized badge to each ESUG participant. (Badges should be given back to the Ecole des Mines.)

Other equipments will include white board, markers, papers,.... The organizers will have also acess to a printer to display important informations.