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MaDcAr = Model for Automatic and Dynamic Component-based Application Reconfiguration.

MaDcAr is an abstract model for engines capable of dynamically and automatically (re­)assemble component-­based applications.
In MaDcAr, an assembling engine has four inputs: a set of components to assemble, an application description (set of alternative configurations), an assembling policy to drive application building and adaptation and a context.

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Based on these inputs, a MaDcAr compliant engine computes a configuration (``assembly blueprint'') and builds the application. And, when the execution context enad changes, MaDcAr chooses a more appropriate configuration and re­assembles the components accordingly. Thus, the same mechanism apply both for building applications and adapting them.

Moreover, MaDcAr does support unplanned adaptations since application descriptions and components can be changed at run­time, i.e. without stopping the whole application.

Another interesting prop­erty of MaDcAr is that it models customizable engines. The assembling policy is not fixed, but it can be replaced, even at run­time. Besides, this policy is separated from the application description. Hence, MaDcAr encourages a clear separation of concerns.

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